The Time Bandit

The Passage of Time

Image by ToniVC via Flickr

I got online at 9 am to check my email and Facebook and was held up by the time bandit. I hadn’t even logged into FB when an adjoining article about Mark Zuckerberg being a billionaire sucked me in. This lead to me skimming through the Forbes List of Billionaires and stopping to read certain profiles of interest.

Dell, of Dell Computers began selling his custom made computers from his university dorm.

The founder of Nike, sold footwear out of his car boot.

The German supermarket chain, Aldi is owned by two brothers who converted their mother’s corner store.

Red Bull , the energy drink made billionaires of its Thai inventor and the European entrepreneur who marketed it.

Well done, I say, but it is now 11.40 am and I’m minutes away from having lost an entire morning.

Computers are time bandits whether you are reading trivial articles, or downloading a program or more likely attempting to download a program, nothing will shave off a few hours of your life quicker than sitting in front of a computer.

It just proves to me I will never have time to become a billionaire.