Sugar and Spice and All Things Evil

Back in the 90’s here in India there was a major advertising campaign that went something like this:
Pay 500 rupees today and save yourself several lac in the future.
(A lac is a unit of currency here – Google it)

The service being advertised was a sex determination test whose sole purpose is to detect whether you are carrying a female child. Now this next bit of information I will reveal makes me sick and sad so be warned.. if you can’t imagine life without your daughter and all your cute little grand daughters and nieces…
Here in India, in the last seven years,there has been over 42 MILLION girl babies aborted.
6,000,000 per year
500,000 per month
over 100,000 per week.
This means that on any given day over 14,285 Indian women wake up to the fact that they are getting dressed to travel somewhere to get undressed and with their legs parted they take part in the murder of an unborn child.

By some strange, quirky irony there are now signs in clinic windows  and news articles bemoaning ‘our missing daughters’. Apparently since the gruesome pack rape in Delhi (the news has gone viral worldwide) Indian politicians are trying to make amends to the female species by offering primary school girls extra finances toward their education.
Trouble is, they are having a hard time finding enough girls to hand them out to.
Doh, I wonder why??
Man, without God is a most pathetic creature indeed.



If you have the stomach, read on:

Warning! This is graphic


One Comment on “Sugar and Spice and All Things Evil”

  1. This is very sad… I know they have similar problems in China with the one child policy, everyone wants sons to carry on the family name/honor, no dowry, etc… we live in a sad world that seems to lack all common sense… (perhaps God is the key to Common Sense? – No God, No Common Sense?? IDK)
    “Man, without God is a most pathetic creature indeed.” very true…

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