Give Thanks

Dearest Bill

Here we are in India celebrating 29 anniversaries spent watching the AFL Grand Final.

I am always reminded of how my chauffeur, John O’Donnell was so late in getting me to the church that you thought I had changed my mind about the wedding.

An avid Essendon supporter, John washed and rewashed the car wheels totally mesmerised as his team clawed back from a 23-point deficit to take out Hawthorn.

Neither of our families attended (second marriages don’t count, do they? 🙂 ) except for your dear brother David and most of our church celebrated with happy tears and shouts of Hallelujah!. The minister talked of two shipwrecked lives brought together by God’s  grace and made whole by His Holy Spirit.

We drove off into the sunset in our VW bug festooned with wedding ribbons and a picnic basket in the back seat.

It has not been a  ‘happy ever after’ marriage but it has been genuine: full of joy, passion, grief, frustration and love.

What I have always told you is that the best is yet to come and much of that is happening right now here in India.

One of my very favourite praise songs is Give Thanks (With a Grateful Heart) especially the line..

‘for what the Lord has done for us’

I found this version-accompanied by sitar and it melts my heart..

It is amazing what God has done for us!

Happy Anniversary, my darling    (with sitar)

Give Thanks ( With A Grateful Heart ) – YouTube.   (with  lyrics)


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