Of Nincompoops and Oncologists

I’m no doctor but I know how to follow a recipe.

After decades in the kitchen I have perfected several dishes that my friends and family truly enjoy. I suck at making scones but can whip up a dreamy galaktoboureko that would make George Colambaris weep. This is because I use the best ingredients and have perfected the recipe over 20 years. If you want galaktoboureko and come to me, I guarantee you will be pleasantly satisfied with what I put in front of you.

As I said, I am not a doctor – even though I always wanted to grow up and become one.  The Hippocratic oath a doctor takes basically states, ‘do no harm’ yet every day there is an an oncologist going about cutting limbs and organs out of hapless cancer sufferers who believe the lie that ‘doctor knows best’.

The spiel you might typically  hear from them goes something like this:

You have cancer and it is malignant

Surgery is your only option and will be  followed by chemo and radiation therapy – to make sure we have gotten all of it

It is vital we treat it immediately and  have no time to lose

I am available to perform the surgery next week

The robotic arm I  require for your delicate surgery is not available at this hospital but can be expedited  for $8000.

(Six hours of surgery later)

The Surgery went well

You will be happy to know we  were able to get all the cancer

It was imperative we remove your ……(*insert relevant body part here)


(One, two, three or six months later)

You have an extremely aggressive form of cancer that has metastasised to your left lung/bones/lymphatic system/liver

I have prioritised my schedule to perform your surgery next week, it is vital we remove your remaining…(* insert relevant other bit or bits here)

Further to this surgery I would like to invite you to join a select group of my patients  taking part in a clinical trial of  SUKA – an exciting new drug being tested in the fight against cancer. 

Now I can make it available to you for $4000 a month

($40,000+ later)

I’m sorry but your cancer is not responding to the drug.

There is nothing more I can do for you.

I can arrange a bed in hospice, here is your script for Oxycodone and I have included a referral to Dr Fink, a psychiatrist, if you are feeling depressed or suicidal.

The above scenario may sound cynical and exaggerated but it is based on what happened to my brother Nikk, diagnosed with prostate cancer in January 2011.

He was given two years to live – without any intervention

He chose the robotic surgery (and paid out $8000) which did nothing more than emasculate him, causing grievous pain, humiliation and depression.

Chemotherapy robbed him of vitality – and his hair

His bank account was pilfered $4000 each and every month

He died on December 1st, 2013 one month shy of the doctor’s initial prognosis.

Oncologists, sorry but I don’t rate them even one star.

Not only because of the hoopla they fed my brother but also the false hope they gave to young Ben – a mate of my son’s. In February this year, his PET scan shows he is cancer free and he is allowed to leave the oncologist’s office  euphoric at this pronouncement.

Four months later Ben is dead. My son is shattered – especially after raising $65,000 to help Ben out.

This current cancer protocol of radical surgery/chemotherapy/radiation therapy is multiplied thousands of times around the world and to the MAJORITY it gives false hope to both the patient and their loved ones.

Sure, your local cancer council will have you believe that cancer rates are dropping – just keep donating-keep running for a good cause-buy that pink/ yellow/ purple with green stripe ribbon-every dollar helps in finding a cure!

Yeah right.

If I cooked as bad as oncologists cure, I would be kicked out of the kitchen!

Take a look around you

How many people do you know who had cancer that are still alive five years later? Do your own research about the toxicity of chemotherapy or how cancer cells behave when they are ‘cut’.

I began to write this in response to an article  I read yesterday.


The  surgeries performed on this young girl !

The trip to Germany and the promise of alternative therapy AFTER all the damage done by chemo

An exhausting and urgent pursuit by her family to fundraise the  thousands of dollars required for her treatment

All now ended.

Christina’s funeral is today.

Perhaps you think I am morbid or cynical or plain angry at the loss of my brother, of Ben, of Christina?

No, I’m angry at the pharmaceutical companies worldwide (Big Pharma)that produce nasty ingredients that oncologists use knowing full well that their ‘recipes’ suck.

The current medical protocol to treat cancer (used for over 50 years) does not work by and large and needs a major review.

In loving memory of my brother, my Dad, my father-in-law, my grandmother, my aunt and my uncle  that were not cured of their cancer.