3 a.m Rendezvous


Bill went to work without showering yesterday morning.

We had no water.

Anxiously I call the plumber who recommends he comes  by at 3 a.m: the time the water supply replenishes our tank.

Now remember, this is India, so if the plumber says  3 a.m to  then 3 a.m it is.

I get up easily and let the plumber in; after all the only access to the water tank is via three flights of internal stairs that lead to the upper terrace. Like a monkey he straddles the outer wall and lands on the roof  where the tank sits. Within three minutes he discovers a faulty valve, climbs back down and is gone by 3.10 a.m.

By now my morning tea has awakened me so I take time to sit and pray .

All is quiet as I rock to and fro in my rocking chair remembering  all the other early mornings in my life I have sat in God’s presence.

Times after feeding my babies, or before children need to get ready for school, or simply when my needs were so great I could not sleep till I sent prayers for help to heaven.

So this time I begin to thank God for His many blessings, for His goodness and His great mercy towards me.

I begin to sing a verse,

‘Though hast been a shelter unto me

And a strong tower from my enemy

When my heart is overwhelmed, lead me to the Rock

That is higher than I

That is higher than I.’

From there I begin to confess  facets of God:

He is the Alpha and the Omega

The Captain of the Host

The Creator who flung the stars in space

My Deliverer

My Saviour

My Healer

The One who binds the brokenhearted and who sets the captives free

I start to pray fervently for family and friends in need, for those who do not

know of His salvation or who do not have His peace.

With tears of thankfulness for the unmatched privilege of speaking to Him, I say,  Amen.

In the quiet I hear the words, ”Psalm 116”.

This is His reply (in part) to me:

I love the Lord because He has heard my prayers

Because he has inclined His ear to me

Therefore I will call upon Him as long as I live.

Gracious is the Lord and righteous

Yes, our God is merciful.

The Lord preserves the simple;

I was brought low and He saved me.

Return to your rest, O my soul

For the Lord has dealt bountifully with you.

Precious in the sight of the Lord

Is the death of His saints.

O Lord, truly I am Your servant;

I am Your servant.

You have loosed my bonds.

I will offer to You the sacrifice of thanksgiving,

And will call upon the name of the LORD.

I began Eternity Seeker to urge all who read it that this life is so short and the way we live now determines how and where we will spend eternity.

Through prayer and reading His word, we develop a friendship with God; we get to know Him and understand why Jesus hung on that cross. He came to redeem His people who have fallen asleep, and blindly  believe that living in this world is all that really matters.

The night before, I had a dream I was peeping through the curtains looking at a darkened sky when suddenly I was shot like a missile into the clouds.

Having no parachute,  I knew that if I fell back to earth I would surely die.

With arms outstretched I said, ”Take me Jesus, I am Yours!”

With that, I woke up and smiled.

I am at peace with Him.

May I pray for your peace too?


(A Gisborne sky 2012)






Where Were You w/ lyrics – Ghost Ship – Mars Hill Music – YouTube

Where Were You w/ lyrics – Ghost Ship – Mars Hill Music – YouTube.

Some times we just need to put this life into perspective.

When you start getting bitter or lazy about your faith, when sickness or woes overtake you, read the story of Job in the Bible and watch this video.

Stretch out your hands, stretch them heavenward.

Your Father is here to lift you up.

Walk Like a Pilgrim

I received this in my in box today and it is timely for all of us who struggle in our faith, finding this Christian life a tough act.

I confess that there have been days in my life where I have harboured the thought that following Jesus is just too hard – why not just take it easy and enjoy life ”normally” like the majority around me. It is exactly when these thoughts come that I remember I gave up my life at the Cross and that  God chose me for His everlasting purpose.

Like Keith Green sang, “I want to be a pleasing child until that final day.”

So get out that rusty Sword of the Spirit, put on your helmet of salvation – the whole armour of God and get back into the battle.

Keep going; the end is in sight!

Walk Like a Pilgrim | Challies Dot Com.


Readiness | My Utmost For His Highest

This ties in nicely with what I recently shared last about being ready in the midst of the earthquake’s tremors.

My Utmost For His Highest has been part of my personal devotions since 1990 and so often it confirms events or decisions going on in my life. Although the Bible is my first source of wisdom, this devotional has also mentored me.

My grand son James William Tucker has just now come into the world, may he grow strong and be ever ready to hear the voice of his Creator.

Readiness | My Utmost For His Highest.

Where Are The Men Of God by Steve Hill – YouTube

Where Are The Men Of God by Steve Hill – YouTube.

I love a man who can cry.

Cry over the apathy that is pervading the church. The church that sings nice songs and loves every body and is careful to not offend anyone. The church that is more interested in you having a healthy bank balance rather than a burden for the lost.

On Sunday my son, my daughter and her husband were baptised as a public declaration of their faith.  When I saw the photos of this event, I  sensed  the Holy Spirit had come upon them and sealed them for His service.

I know them, they are unwilling to compromise their faith nor water down the gospel of Jesus Christ in a world that is quickly turning against Christians.

Where do you stand in the light of eternity?












Pull Your (Spiritual) Head In

I remember in the early years of my Christian walk being able to ‘see’ certain things in people that others were oblivious to. I would come straight out to Bill and say things like, “That pastor is real dodgy and his wife takes too much interest in money.” Bill, being ever wise, would tell me not to judge but to go and pray about it – first he would chastise me severely for even having such thoughts about the pastor – ‘touch not my anointed ones’ (1 Chron 16:22) he would quote.
When I leaned over at a conference and whispered to him that the guest speaker was more than likely homosexual Bill got really, really mad and wondered what he would do with this contentious wife.
It took some years but I finally understood that what I had was actually a gift of discernment (1 Cor 12:10) and rather than sharing what I ‘see’, I am to take it to the Lord in intercession.
This leads me to sharing today’s entry from Oswald Chamber’s where I first read about how I should respond.

By the way, the pastor in question resigned within a year after decimating the congregation and ‘cooking the books’. He withdrew from ministry.
15 years later, the guest speaker came out of the closet – leaving his wife,his children and his ministry.

May we continue in the fear of the Lord and in His amazing grace.

The Distraction of Contempt | My Utmost For His Highest.

Wherever the providence of God may dump us down, in a slum, in a shop, in the desert, we have to labour along the line of His direction. Never allow this thought—“I am of no use where I am,” because you certainly can be of no use where you are not!
Wherever He has engineered your circumstances, pray.

So Send I You, 1325 L

Oswald Chambers My Utmost for His Highest