True Woman | The Ache of Mortality

Early morning, I drank my coffee while looking at a photo of my youngest son and I taken back in 1986. Instinctively I reached out and started stroking his cheek. “My little boy,” I sighed and tears came as I remembered the delights of motherhood and how soon the years of our life pass.

As I sat and prayed, the tears continued as I thanked God for His favor towards me all these years. I recalled a conversation with a young married Christian woman last night. This life is fleeting, I told her, live your life now with eternity in mind.

Just now I came across this article.

May it remind us all of the big picture.

True Woman | The Ache of Mortality.


Readiness | My Utmost For His Highest

This ties in nicely with what I recently shared last about being ready in the midst of the earthquake’s tremors.

My Utmost For His Highest has been part of my personal devotions since 1990 and so often it confirms events or decisions going on in my life. Although the Bible is my first source of wisdom, this devotional has also mentored me.

My grand son James William Tucker has just now come into the world, may he grow strong and be ever ready to hear the voice of his Creator.

Readiness | My Utmost For His Highest.

Breaking News – Major earthquake strikes south-east Iran

This morning I spoke with Bill about how I am hearing more and more people sharing dreams about the Ark. Around two years ago I had a vivid dream of Noah’s Ark and heard the urgent cry to “Get in! Get in!”

Within six months I had another dream where I was looking for room in the Ark for my family and I had to go to the very top level (12th floor) as the rest of the Ark was full and there was no room below.  The 12th floor signifies the 12th hour. It is not so much about signalling the end of the world but the end of the world as we know it.

The Ark is Jesus Christ. He is the Light of the world, the Saviour of the whole earth. I said to Bill it is all about repenting of sins and being clean so that we can hear Him when He speaks to us.

You know, it is quickly becoming obvious that Christians are pests, fundamental and unbending, believing in that dusty ol’ book, the Bible and professing Jesus as the only way to God.

Bill and I have been in countries that were under attack or under threat (think 9/11, collapse of Soeharto, race riots and Mumbai terrorist attacks). As I walked down the hallway yesterday I  heard a quiet small voice say something about the next time it will be something BIG.

We are living  in India, in a 14th floor apartment and today my building swayed and I swayed and swaggered with it while the water in the pool below rippled under the impact of Iran’s earthquake.

I remained remarkably calm, so much so that I didn’t contact Bill and forgot about it as quickly as it had happened.


I am prepared.

This morning my devotional reading came from John 12:35 and 36.

“‘Yet a little while is the light with you. Walk while you have the light, lest darkness come upon you: for he that walks in darkness knows not where he is going.

While you have light, believe in the light, that ye may be the children of light.”

Are you ready for eternity?

BBC News – Major earthquake strikes south-east Iran.

Rock Church – Special Guest Jim Caviezel by Jim Caviezel & Dave Cooper – YouTube

It came to me suddenly this morning that I have been an eternity seeker all my life. From the youngest age I wept prayers to Jesus and felt sorrowful seeing His death portrayed every Easter. Although I lost the way in my youth, Jesus found me and by His amazing grace He leads me towards eternity today.
Here is another eternity seeker, the actor who portrayed Jesus in the Passion of the Christ. I just love what he says at 27:00, “Brothers and sisters you weren’t meant to fit in (to the world) you were meant to stand out!”

Stand out for Jesus and bless His Holy name

He is the Way, the Truth and the Life.

Rock Church – Special Guest Jim Caviezel by Jim Caviezel & Dave Cooper – YouTube.

Where Are The Men Of God by Steve Hill – YouTube

Where Are The Men Of God by Steve Hill – YouTube.

I love a man who can cry.

Cry over the apathy that is pervading the church. The church that sings nice songs and loves every body and is careful to not offend anyone. The church that is more interested in you having a healthy bank balance rather than a burden for the lost.

On Sunday my son, my daughter and her husband were baptised as a public declaration of their faith.  When I saw the photos of this event, I  sensed  the Holy Spirit had come upon them and sealed them for His service.

I know them, they are unwilling to compromise their faith nor water down the gospel of Jesus Christ in a world that is quickly turning against Christians.

Where do you stand in the light of eternity?












Sugar and Spice and All Things Evil

Back in the 90’s here in India there was a major advertising campaign that went something like this:
Pay 500 rupees today and save yourself several lac in the future.
(A lac is a unit of currency here – Google it)

The service being advertised was a sex determination test whose sole purpose is to detect whether you are carrying a female child. Now this next bit of information I will reveal makes me sick and sad so be warned.. if you can’t imagine life without your daughter and all your cute little grand daughters and nieces…
Here in India, in the last seven years,there has been over 42 MILLION girl babies aborted.
6,000,000 per year
500,000 per month
over 100,000 per week.
This means that on any given day over 14,285 Indian women wake up to the fact that they are getting dressed to travel somewhere to get undressed and with their legs parted they take part in the murder of an unborn child.

By some strange, quirky irony there are now signs in clinic windows  and news articles bemoaning ‘our missing daughters’. Apparently since the gruesome pack rape in Delhi (the news has gone viral worldwide) Indian politicians are trying to make amends to the female species by offering primary school girls extra finances toward their education.
Trouble is, they are having a hard time finding enough girls to hand them out to.
Doh, I wonder why??
Man, without God is a most pathetic creature indeed.



If you have the stomach, read on:

Warning! This is graphic

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Happy New Year following the King of Kings and Lord of Lords

Mark 16:17 King… | hallopleaze.