Where Are The Men Of God by Steve Hill – YouTube

Where Are The Men Of God by Steve Hill – YouTube.

I love a man who can cry.

Cry over the apathy that is pervading the church. The church that sings nice songs and loves every body and is careful to not offend anyone. The church that is more interested in you having a healthy bank balance rather than a burden for the lost.

On Sunday my son, my daughter and her husband were baptised as a public declaration of their faith.  When I saw the photos of this event, I  sensed  the Holy Spirit had come upon them and sealed them for His service.

I know them, they are unwilling to compromise their faith nor water down the gospel of Jesus Christ in a world that is quickly turning against Christians.

Where do you stand in the light of eternity?













The Pure in Heart See God

An intellectual conception of God may be found in a bad vicious character. The knowledge and vision of God is dependent entirely on a pure heart. Character determines the revelation of God to the individual. The pure in heart see God.
Oswald Chambers, Biblical Ethics, 125 R

How many of us know the story of Daniel in the lion’s den?
Although we may not know many Bible stories, most of us remember the punchline to this one:a man gets thrown into a den of lions but miraculously survives. (Daniel 6:1-28)
How can this be possible?

Did you know that Daniel was friends with Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego; the three guys who got thrown into a fiery furnace yet did not burn? (Daniel 3: 1-30) Whoa! That’s another story of the incomparable power of God.
What these men all had in common was that they loved God more than they loved their own lives.

Having been taken captive out of Jerusalem by the Babylonians and found to be a cut above their fellow Israelites (Daniel 1:4),they enter the service of King Nebuchadnezzar.
At the palace, they refuse to eat the king’s rich food and drink his wine, as instructed (Daniel 1:8-16). They don’t go berserk at the buffet table or allow the wine to loosen their inhibitions. By dining simply and soberly, they keep themselves alert and they also stick to their regime of praying to God – despite decrees forbidding this.
While everybody else bows down to the king and to his idols, these disciplined men keep their faith – despite the consequences.
Compromise never enters the equation.

While reading the Book of Daniel and these accounts of fellow eternity seekers, I wept in awe at the power of God to sustain His people in times of need. It didn’t matter to them whether they lived or died, either way they refused to compromise (Daniel 3:17-18).

Let us take these stories beyond the Sunday School room and allow them to strengthen our faith and to mold our character. Let us not eat of this world’s ‘rich food’ but discipline our lives by pursuing holiness.

The pure in heart see God. (Mathew 5:8, Psalm 73)